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(no subject) [Aug. 27th, 2005|02:07 am]
I say it again just because it's so pretty...

Brokeback Mountain

Comment to be added. ;)
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(no subject) [Mar. 6th, 2005|10:47 pm]
[music |"Anywhere Is" ~Enya]

So in a random act of kindness, my parents have agreed to pay for at least one year (maybe all) of San Jose State if I stay around here, and to cosign a loan for me if I go elsewhere. Apparently they've seen me working hard and were inspired to encourage me to get my degree since they have at least two friends whose kids have became homeless bums. It's about time they backed me up though. So yay.

And now I have even less of an idea where I will be in the fall than I did at the beginning of this year, but it's exciting. I can't decide what the ideal situation would be...my top school choice is The Hartt School in Connecticut, but that involves debt, thousands of miles, and snow. But school wise, the program is fucking AWESOME. But what I would actually like to happen is, I'd like to make it into the chorus of WEST SIDE STORY at AMT, stick around here for a semester of SJSU or more West Valley / Mission while I get paid to be in a show, THEN go to either Hartt of UCI. Maybe in Spring, or maybe the following Fall if that would make more sense, track-wise. But the question is, will they let me delay going there if they accept me? Will they accept me? Will I get into West Side Story? SJSU should definitely accept me back, but they don't have a BFA. But I can learn dance fine there, I guess. But wasn't one of my big ideas to get out of this house? So ya, I have no idea.

I walk to the horizon
And there I find another
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(no subject) [Jan. 3rd, 2005|09:03 pm]
OK so the full 2005-2006 AMT Season, in rough order from what I can remember, is:

The Wizard of Oz (local)
West Side Story (local)
Hairspray (tour)
Disney's On The Record (tour)
Gypsy (local)
Disney's The Lion King (tour)


BTW, ON THE RECORD is the latest Disney show...it has *64* Disney songs in it, from all their movies and plays and things. Know how they justify them all and weave them together into a "storyline"? The show is set in a RECORDING STUDIO. Wow, that's brilliant. *gag* But seriously, I love Disney songs so it'd be cool to see them performed live. But it's probably geared towards kids. *gag*

OMGOSH though tonight was fun, one highlight of this evening was Molly Bell singing "Part of Your World", Annmarie Martin singing "Just Around The Riverbend", and Nikkema Taylor singing "A Whole New World", all together as a "princess medley". I love me some Disney princess, w00t! (LEA SALONGA FOREVER!) We also got to hear "Over the Rainbow" by the guy who will play Sweeney in SWEENEY TODD, "Something's Coming" from West Side Story by a guy who I swear I've auditioned with before and who messed up the words and I am proud of myself for noticing cuz they are fast and tricky ;), and Annmarie Martin (she played EVITA for AMT) singing "Some People" from GYPSY. SO EXCITED!
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(no subject) [Dec. 28th, 2004|06:23 am]
The Madonna we love is BACK, ladies and gentlemen:

Still largely FRIENDS ONLY - comment to be added!
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(no subject) [Dec. 24th, 2004|01:48 am]
It's Christmas Eve! That's exciting. It's kinda weird, the Christmas season has been upon us for so long that I kinda forgot that it culminates with these actual days of December 24th and December 25th...CHRISTMAS EVE and CHRISTMAS DAY. I love those two days. And wow, they're here! W00T!
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(no subject) [Dec. 14th, 2004|12:55 am]
[music |"In The Palm Of Your Hand" ~Alison Krauss]

So there's about 30 seconds of instrumental music in the middle of Alison Krauss' "In The Palm Of Your Hand" that I don't know what to do with. I present my choreography piece in ballet tomorrow...er, today. If something doesn't come to me as I lay in bed and drift off to sleep to the strains of her voice, then I am just going to insert some interpretive dance movements in there as I have been, hahaha. It kinda works.

In other news, Madonna is HOTT.

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(no subject) [Aug. 30th, 2004|06:58 pm]
This diary is FRIENDS-ONLY now, to avoid confusion and worry from family members who stumble across it. It's not that I'm trying to hide or anything but I want to be able to express myself completely and a lot of what I write in here is meant for my friends' eyes anyway and is only understood by my friends. And I think that some things just worry adults/parental figures that don't worry us. So more on that later, but comment to be added!
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(no subject) [Aug. 29th, 2004|11:39 pm]
Thought Liz and maybe others would like this new Jeffrey Fulvimari shirt! Buy it at www.declareyourself.com or for the direct link click to their Yahoo! store click here!

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(no subject) [Aug. 27th, 2004|07:08 pm]
So I'm here at my Grandma's house hanging out with Liz. It's cool, just chillin'. Actually it's not cool and we're not chillin', we're sweating and it's fucking hott! There are kids splashing around in the pool outside the window, and as soon as they're gone I think I may have to take a little dip. So hot. Too hot to do anything. Too hot to type any more.
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(no subject) [Aug. 27th, 2004|01:01 am]
Just saw A LITTLE PRINCESS at TheatreWorks, which is trying the show out for a hopeful Broadway run! I had a great time, and the opening number, "Let Your Heart Be Your Compass", and "Captain Crewe" moved me so much...so I won't say anything more, bad or good, than that. Because if I can be moved like that at least 3 times it's pointless to blab about it really. But I did write a review of sorts and posted it on a message board. For people who care more about the nitty gritty's. As a Bay Area resident there are many who wish they were in my place right now just to be able to see this show before it hits Broadway. Anyway.

There's something depressing about going to shows for me. Even good ones. Actually, especially good ones. I just leave wanting to get up there and SING! And to be amazing like every single performer was tonight. Flawless voices, amazing dance skills. It's frustrating I guess. I just wanna BE THERE already, but I have a lot of hard work ahead of me. But ya, it's a lot like the feeling I would get leaving the movies when I used to go more...like I would always leave the movies kinda depressed that my life couldn't be as exciting as that or as perfect as that, and that once the credits started rolling I became no longer a part of that movie world but just a bum who had sat on his ass in the dark for the last couple hours doing nothing and now had to go home to his boring room and his boring life and go to sleep. It's kinda sad really. But of course while it's happening it's entertaining, and that's the whole idea of entertainment. And don't get me wrong I absolutely LOVE going to the theatre, especially Broadway tours and stuff. If the show is really good I'm usually more excited than depressed...but I think the fact that these were mostly local people tonight who are Broadway calibre was more depressing. And I sat so close (4th row) and could just totally see them and I've seen them on stage around here multiple times and even worked on shows with at least one (CJ on Dreamgirls). And reading the bios how some of them have done shows at the places I do shows (SJCMT, PACT, etc.), it just makes me think "wow, that could be me up there then" and it's just so CLOSE but UNATTAINABLE. Baaa.

Unattainable yet, anyway. But like there's a Mitty freshman girl who is in a professional show prior to BROADWAY. That's just, wow.

Anyway, enough artistic frustration.

Um...what else...

O how about sexual frustration? Hahaha. So I'm just realizing now that the guy sitting behind me, who I asked if he was on staff from the way he was talking to another guy about technical stuff, was probably the composer Andrew Lippa's boyfriend. He was sitting alone in the audience, but then I saw him kissing this guy at intermission, and now I see Andrew Lippa's picture in my program and realize that might have been him. And when I asked if he was on staff he joked "no, I just follow the composer around" and he and his friend laughed. I thought he was joking about being the composer's assistant. Assistant with benefits it would seem, hahaha. Dunno how that relates to MY sexual frustration necessarily though. Anyway.

And it was cool, they still had the staff table set up in the back with the creative team sitting there...and I think the lady who I saw in person there was the very same Tony-nominated lady who directed things like Sweeney Todd on BROADWAY. And there she is just sitting in the back of the theatre at a makeshift table/desk just like all the other directors I've worked with. And then I sit in front of the composer's assistant/boyfriend who is observing the final preview performance. I dunno it just makes me see how even if it's a "Broadway" production, it's not overseen by God Himself or anything, it's just normal people putting on a production just like we do in the community around here. They just have more money and location location location...i.e. BROADWAY. The word Broadway has become such a huge thing, going so far as to define the type of thing it is...musical theatre...which in reality is like calling tissues Kleenex. Kleenex is the brand, not the product. Anyway, I've just been thinking...Broadway is just a place with regular shows, they just happen to be the best known place for drawing the most talent and the most professionalism. Anyway I dunno if this makes sense anywhere but in my head, what I'm slowly realizing here. Just like going to the PIRATES world premiere made me really see how movie stars are just regular people...I know that sounds silly and cliche, but I think you gotta be around them to really realize it. They have regular jobs...they just happen to pay get paid a lot, and their work is known to more people. That's all that seperates them. It'd be like, if the world was super interested in microwaves...Joe Smith who goes to work every day at GE and designs a cool microwave would be stalked by papparazzi for candid shots of him filling his car with gas for Microwave Weekly. But it happens that more people are interested in movies than microwaves. Anyway I'm really tired and not making sense anymore. Anymore? Hahaha. I can't even coherently end this so um...the end.
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